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Continual freezes during day to get actual resolution?

Getting continual freezes during day, some require a power cycle of the Modem

I get
CM-STATUS codes of different values through the day / occasional T3 T4
Frequent Dynamic Range Window violation
Can also generate what seems like a lot of uncorrectables

I dont see Power or SNR values that look off

I have swapped RG6 cables around / cable modems / ... ...all changed nothing

Phoned in for help 

Sadly got a contractor that didnt know what a Modem error code was at all (not that I know all that much)

Contractor literally switched my drop with the neighbors at the pedestal and bailed (awesome service) ...that of course did nothing

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  • So much for keeping to their word 

    Did it at 8am and then immediately down in 30 minutes

    We’re happy to say that our network is back up and running, so you can continue to enjoy a great streaming, gaming and sharing experience. Your equipment should restart automatically, but click below if you need a hand.

    Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted on any future updates that may impact your service as we continue to meet your needs. Hopefully this was a little inconvenience to bring you a stronger network.