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Hi all

trouble with email folders

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  • if i try and make a folder on the cox webmail site under my folders it does not let me save stuff there

    1. Are you out of storage space?  Check your "Mail quota" in the lower left of Inbox.  What does it say?

    2. Are you unable to create a new folder? 

    To add a new folder to Webmail:

    • Right click "My folders".
    • Click  "Add new folder".
    • Type the new folder name in the box and click "Add".
    • To move the new folder, right click the new folder.
    • Click "Move"
    • Select the desired target folder from the list and click "OK".

    3. If you're able to create a new folder but are unable to add messages to that new folder, it could be due to insufficient storage (see #1 above).  If insufficient storage isn't the issue, move the new folder from "My folders" to "Archive" and try to add messages to it again.

    Spam folder is listed as a folder there if i delete it it comes back

    "Spam" is a Webmail folder.  Messages in "Spam" can be deleted but the folder can not be deleted.  "Automatically deliver to Spam folder" is a "Spam setting".

    If you also have a "Spam" folder in "My folders", you probably created it sometime in the past.  If you create a folder in "My folders" with the same name as a Webmail folder, you may not be able to move, rename or delete it permanently.  Your situation is similar to something I just noticed today...

    I'm referencing tired, dusty brain cells but I vaguely recall erroneously thinking many years ago, when first using this website, that I had to create a "Sentmail" folder to save sent emails.  I only noticed the empty folder in "My folders" today, when researching this reply, because "My folders" is normally collapsed.  I think "Sentmail" could have been the original name for "Sent Objects".  The Webmail vendor must have written code to retain that folder name because "Sentmail" was restored in "My folders" today after every attempt to move, rename or delete it.  A new copy of "Sentmail" was created where I moved it or a renamed folder when I renamed it.  When deleted, the folder was restored in "My folders" the next time Webmail was opened.  But, I don't see it because "My folders" is collapsed and I had forgotten it was even there.  So, it's not a problem.

    New folders added in "My folders" with names not used by Webmail folders could be moved or renamed and be retained as expected.  When deleted, those folders were not restored the next time Webmail was opened.

    Note: I did not test adding a new folder with an existing Webmail folder name.  I don't need another folder I can't get rid of.  If someone else (who read this far) wants to test that, let us know what happens.