Gigablast - sudden inconsistent Download and Upload speeds

Hello, I've called quite a few times, and am told "everything looks fine signal wise on our end" and "there may have been outages in your area recently ".

A tech came out yesterday (Wednesday), said "everything from the wall to the pedestal looks good, but your inconsistent speeds could be caused by back feed and ingress in the neighborhood, but a truck would have to come to sort that out."

This truck was supposedly "scheduled" but I have no idea of when that is happening.

I am honestly less then hopeful that I will see resolution after this given how my experiences calling thus far have went.

using the cox provided speed test directly plugged into wall outlet with 1 device actively using, that is a wired connection, to a 2.5 Gb capable port I now see:

Download speeds of 200-1200 Mbps

Upload speeds of 4-40 Mbps

these speeds fluctuate back and forth throughout the day, changing within minutes.

I "Upgraded" to the PW7 06/06, which has made no difference

for years I saw 800+ down / 30+ up, at the time of this post I'm seeing:

but 10 minutes from now it could be 440 down, 7 up (random results from yesterday)


this amount of error codewords is after 7 hours of uptime, I bring it up when I call, but I don't think the agents are even trained on what it means, as each one has just changed the subject without making a comment, much like their fix has basically been restart the gateway and computer, then call us back later if its still acting up. Seeing no errors in the logs.

I understand that Covid has made a lot of people switch to work from home, but when I am paying $184 a month (gigablast+data) I expect more.