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Keep getting connected to a terrible at capacity node. Please show that Cox is doing something before I file a FCC report.

For the past couple months, my internet in the downtown New Orleans area has been terrible. A full day outage every couple weeks and days of low speed/insane ping jitters. I'm working from home and have to remote in for work, and the internet has been so unreliable that I have to sometimes use my mobile data hotspot for work. Playing online videogames is impossible with insane ping jitters.

I've called customer service but nothing got resolved. No, you cannot use the previous hurricane as an excuse. My internet was fine for couple months after the hurricane. You probably did some node rerouting and my area kept getting the bottom end of the stick. I'm posting my complain here so we have something in writing for the public to see and I'm hoping to get a resolution before I make a FCC report. What's the node capacity in my area? Does Cox have a plan to do a node split? Or I'm wrong and it's a different issue? Am I getting credit/discount for a subpar service? I've been recording ping data with PingPlotter, here's one for example:

Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to hearing your response.

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  • I feel your pain... Im on Outskirts of NOLA area in St Rose... Upload issues are horrendous I got emails to send and virtual meetings to attend in the early morning hours and sometimes at night... the 0.02 Mbps to 0.04 Mbps upload speeds that seem to follow a pattern... ** upload from 4 to 8 am 0.02, gets better around 8 Am 1.2 Mbps, byt 10AM up in the 15 Mbps noon works as intended (30 Mbps) until about 4 to 6 PM, then its back to **... 0.02..

    They need more Fiber alternatives... I've been having to use Cellular Hotspot devices for any actual usable service.

    Hopefully Tmobile starts offering their home internet service here soon.

    Tired of calling or using the chat option to try and report an outage... everything is always fine they say... lets reboot the modem they say... again.. lets line up a tech... if its a good tech he puts in a maintenance ticket for the node thats oversubbed or has a broken amp... if its a bad tech you might get a new drop line... (ive had multiple...)

    Only issue ive ever had with cox has been upload issues... never in the home...

    Ill be running pingplotter and tracert and filing a complaint as well....