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Interesting, odd, and extremely annoying pattern specific internet slow down occurring at 6/7pm every day [San Diego]

PSA: I understand how to code in 4 different programming languages and understand networking at a high level. Cheesy to write this, but refrain from providing basic, simpleton-user information. 

I for one would like to say I haven't had much issues with cox in the last 3 years. Now, ever since the insane lightning storm in San Diego on Oct. 4 my internet has been severely slowing to an unusable level oddly enough at 6pm every single day.

Mind you, I have top of the line equipment I spend hundreds on, all the way down to CAT8 cables.

Now, I did diagnosing of all the components of my network and saw that all pieces of equipment functioned. What it is is the service itself is oddly enough throttling to very slow speeds at 6pm. I say this as the tech support mentioned to me to replace the modem to test the connection, and I obliged.

Even before getting the modem, I knew my top of the line Motorola was not the problem because funnily enough the issue is stuck to an odd pattern. Today, I got the cox authorized PW7 which features a docsis 3.1 modem and router. Not going to lie, the speeds were amazing on it after I hooked it up and tested at 1pm[remember this time]. Sure enough, even with the new modem, the insane slow down occurred. Now, a tech has been specifically appointed to come at 7pm to catch this weird slow down.

Pattern: 10am- 6/7 pm the internet is as perfect as you can get. I have gigblast and get 5 ping 950 down and 37 up. Then, sure enough, as 6/7pm rolls around, the download is cut in half and the upload is decreased from 37 to literally .9 mbps. You can even tell during the day as the websites and other services load instantly and then after 6pm I can't even load a website or do anything. 

TLDR: Subscriber's equipment is not at fault, even used cox's new modem to test, and a pattern specific slow down of the internet has been occurring at 6pm every single day since Oct. 4th. The level of degradation: download cut by 2/3s and the upload cut from 37 to literally .9 mbps. This all amounts to an unusable connection.

If the new cox modem was affected too, we can deduce the old modem was never the problem and the true issue is intermittent occurring at 6pm on. 

I already have spoken to a supervisor of which has made sure to send a tech at 7pm, which should be a late enough time for the issue to be visible. 

I am merely writing this to reach out to all and share what an interesting and funny problem this is. Also, I have a weeks worth of speedtests documenting the odd degradation pattern. I also would like to have the first tech visit a day ago waived as this is truly an external problem. 

I find it laughable when the field techs use their devices before 6pm, of which is when perfect speeds do occur, and claim nothing to be the problem when you describe the complexity of the issue occurring past 6pm. One word: intermittent. I will upload an update on Wed. after the tech shows at 7pm to see what might be the issue.

Also, I might be reaching but this issue was only noticeable after the lightning storm in San Diego on Oct. 4th. A literal lightning bolt hit 10 ft from my apartment and rattled everything; I wonder if this has anything to do with this odd issue.

Also, for the last 3 years no slowdown has ever occurred, even during peak usage times of 7-11 pm.