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We have been with cox for over a year, just recently we moved and noticed DAta overage,  We have called 3 times and keep getting excuses that make NO sense to me, I am disabled with brain stem compression, so maybe I am not comprehending how this data is used/works?  we have only 1 tv has firestick/sling,  1 laptop  and 1 phone using the wifi.   first they said maybe a hacker?? really?? I dont think so,   Maybe who they are currretnly using to calculate their data is shady???  is there a class action suit?  What really makes NO sense is, we decided to test this, and when we were over 2900 Miles away, NOT in the home  NOT using tv   phone or laptop, it still showed  5gb,  10gb  17 gb  32 gb  used etc.  HOW in the world do u explain this?   Password was changed  etc.   They claimed  , oh,  the modem must detect your Tv, computer and phone  even if ALL are not in use and are turned off!!!???  so , you mean we are charged for data, EVEN when we are NOT using it??? help someone email me and clarify this  , I have been now taking the firestick off the tv when itsoff, and taking battery out my phone,   so the modem/data doesnt get used, but it is still taking data!!! so nothing makes sense. except their data reported on usage is bogus.  How can use data when NO one in house and all devices are removed from the house???? only tv was in house but not in use. 

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  • Hello Nooverage,

    As Internet needs and usage increase, Cox continues to invest in our network to keep up with demand. We want to keep service affordable for the wide group of customers whose current plans meet their needs. Each month, the majority of our customers do not exceed their 1.25 TB data plan. Internet usage is doubling every two years, largely driven by a rise in streaming TV and movies. The average home has more than 11 devices, often used by multiple members of the household at once. Cox offers a Data Usage Meter to help customers monitor their daily, monthly, and historical data usage. The meter is updated daily with usage from the prior day. It is available in My Account and the Cox app.

    The Cox Data Usage Meter has been tested and certified for its accuracy by Cox and Netforecast, an independent third party. 

    There are many things that can cause the Data Usage to jump. I know this can be alarming and I want to help. Below I have listed some tips to keeping your network secure and managing the way data is used.

    -Use Cox Security Suite for free to protect devices from malware and viruses that increase data usage.
    -Keep other people from using your data by password protecting your home network.
    -Keep tabs on the number of devices connected to your network. Also, look out for devices that automatically update themselves or back up documents
    -Streaming video typically accounts for the highest data usage. Consider changing your default streaming setting to “Medium Quality” to reduce data usage. Be sure that you’ve fully stopped your content and exit the app before turning off your TV.
    -Close any programs or streaming services you aren’t currently using.
    -Email and upload smaller photos by using tools that compress and resize images.
    -Popular security cameras like Nest Cam can use a lot more data than some people realize. Be sure to monitor data usage closely after installing these devices and adjust quality settings as needed.
    -Many smartphones will automatically backup photos and videos when they are on a wifi network. Be sure to monitor your usage after events like long vacations and consider adjusting image quality settings to use less data.

    You can also learn more tips and tricks for managing your data at

    Download the Panoramic Wifi app for your smartphone or visit to view a list of devices connected to your network. Panoramic Wifi customers can view which devices are using the most data.

    Cox offers additional data plans if needed. You can subscribe to an additional 500 GB or unlimited. Check out for more information.

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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