Outage since 3pm on 4/1/21

Please reopen the outage notification for the 85260 area near Shea and 101. The outage is being reported as resolved but I can assure it is not. Multiple homes in my neighborhood are down. No TV, no phone, no internet. 

The Cox app and web browser device resets aren’t working. The live agents keep saying there is not outage notification. 

Please stop the madness. We are wasting resources on all sides. 

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  • Update: still no resolution after 5 days of having no services (TV, Phone, & internet). It came online on Sunday for about an hour (coincidentally just minutes before a Cox tech arrived). Since then, I've multiple technicians at my home and across the street at the Cox terminal they manage. Here's what I have learned. I share in case others out there are frustrated with troubleshooting issues and feel like no one at Cox can put together the full picture. 

    1. The outage notification system is layered and walled off internally among Cox employees, not all departments share/use the same tracking system essentially. This means that basic Cox support agents do not see the same work orders/issues/notifications that the actual techs see. Often this means that you report an issue/outage and the support agent says they don't see anything. Obviously this matters for many reasons, so I highly recommend that you ask every single Cox employee you talk to exactly how long they are seeing your outage recorded for. 

    2. When Cox says they will credit you for the services lost due to the outage, they use an automated calculator. As you can imagine, this often does not add up and cover the actual services lost. They use the system that is different than the actual techs which means the amount credited is rarely accurate to when your issues actually started. 

    3. The tier 1 Cox support agents have a limit on what they can credit. This would be anyone via chat or phone support. If you know your issue will go beyond $50, then seek immediate escalation to the Retention or Loyalty department. 

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