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Download fine but upload is below 1 Mbps for 90% of the day.

Sometime in October Cox had shut down the internet in the area to do service. Once the internet turned back on we have started having the intermittent issue of having between .01 and 1 Mbps upload speeds making working from home, doing college work, playing games, or chatting with friends over a voice service nearly impossible while it is happening.  I have called cox customer support a few times concerning this issue and they have even sent a few technicians out. Each time they go straight to saying the problem is my modem (ARRIS SB6190) and I need to rent one of their modems and pay to have a technician come into my home if I want further troubleshooting.

Here is the troubleshooting I have done in-home.

  • Factory Reset Modem.
  • Replace Modem with a different model
  • Factory Reset Router
  • Replace Router with a different model
  • Replace all ethernet cables
  • Connect directly to the modem (new and old)
  • Replace coax cable from wall to modem.

Because of all this troubleshooting, I feel like I have eliminated anything in my house being the problem as I am still having the issue across the entire network. The few times I have had a technician come out, somehow the issue resolves itself within a day of the scheduled arrival of the technician so they are not able to find the problem, only for it to return between a day and a week later.

This past week I have tried to call tech support multiple times but every time I get the automated message "We're sorry, service appears to be down in your area, estimated time of fixing the issue is within two hours.

I personally am considering swapping to competition due to the lack of service and support cox has had over these past two months.

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  • I do see you recently managed to speak with somebody and a resolution was indicated and I'm also seeing good speed test results from this end. If you're still seeing any issues please let us know.

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