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Game Lag

Hello all,

Currently, I am subscribed to Cox Gigablast, am located in VA, and have a SB8200 modem and NETGEAR Nighthawk XR500 router.  I am still getting consistent lag whenever I play online games despite using all the QoS features in my router.  Has anyone and this issue and been able to correct it?  I have high priority traffic, bandwidth allocation, a geo filter, and anti-bufferbloat features and still get consistent lag every day of the week.  I appreciate everyone's help in advance!  Let me know if you guys need any more data that I am seeing!


P.S.  Due to having my own router/modem, all of my cable boxes are hard wired.  This rules out streaming while gaming being a potential issue (which shouldn't even happen with Gigablast in the first place).  Also, I would like to note I have had 3 separate service visits and every tech told me the lines/switches on my block were healthy and not causing any interference.