Spotty internet and Packet loss at the same time every night.

Every night at around 8:00 PM EST to roughly 10:00 or 11:00 PM EST my connection begins to experience high pings, jitter, and packet loss but the download speed remains relatively fine. This randomly began happening out of nowhere and so far I have been unable to determine what's causing it. There is nothing else sucking up bandwidth in the house that I am aware of and I'm not doing anything different than I was an hour ago. This has been happening like clock work all week in this area. I've wondered if it could be my outdated modem? I don't know how to interpret any of this but here is the signals page. Does anything jump out at anyone? Thanks in advance for any support!

In the event that is too hard to read, here is a larger version:

  • I'm experiencing the same thing. Texted back and forth for an hour showing correctable/uncorrectable errors and frequency and power levels for my modem. For some reason only 4/8 upstream channels are bonding. Usually get good pings, but have been getting bad packet loss upstream, this is apparent in game especially Unreal engine games that show network stats overlays. I've tried enabling options to extend power for upstreams and just power cycled my modem around an hour ago. This is an off and on issue which makes it super frustrating. I've got a netgear c6900 and dlink unmanaged switch, both are gigabit and my network card is gigabit as well. Lastly, I recently purchased all new Cat6 cables less than 3m in length. All my connections are wired.

    I have a newer modem than you Jaeger I wonder what they will say about my experience?

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