Ridiculous packet loss and latency.

Massive amount of packet loss. Video streaming and gaming is impossible. This is the only reason i even have the 300 mbit tier. Also COVID is not an excuse. You are still taking my money. I'm paying for something and not getting it. Any help?

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  • Not likely. (If they haven't already) First they'll tell you it has to be your equipment, and try to talk you into renting theirs ($10+ per month). Then they'll say they have to send a technician out, who will again tell you it's definitely your equipment (this costs $75) and they'll say they can waive those fees and support all your devices if you subscribe to tech support for $20 per month.

    If you're lucky, after you pay some or all of these fees and replace your equipment a couple times, they'll "find an issue in your area" and run wires to your house again, and when that doesn't fix it (because their node is oversubscribed or allowing too much noise) they'll "escalate a ticket" and tell you "it'll be fixed soon" - kind of an empty promise, because you've already wasted a lot of time and money on it and "soon" doesn't mean the same thing to them that it means to you and me.

    Can you tell I'm bitter having been on this carousel for a while already?