Months of poor internet performance; what will it take to get an actual repair?

Here's the deal, Cox.  The problem I'm having is a combination of 902MHz ISM ingress and an exceedingly poor gain structure. And probably an "over-subscribed node", but that's just a hunch.

It's not my modem, it's not the wiring in my house (I own an RF network analyzer), it's not downstream signal levels (8.1dB-2.5dBmV), it's not downstream SNR (>37.9dB). 

It is the Cox equipment and network. 

How do I get in touch with someone at Cox that knows what any of these words mean? 

I don't want another "tech" to come out and lop off $50 of Canare F-Conn, calling them "junk" only to have me go back and replace the radio shack grade F-conn's he installed in their place with the wrong sized crimp die.  I don't want to have to explain why a directional coupler is different than a power splitter. 

As a matter of fact, I don't want -or need- to see the Cox tech at all, because the problem is not on my property.

Who do I need to talk to?

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  • Wow - this is interesting.  We too seem to be part of an 'over subscribed node', 500 homes or so from what I understand.  And Cox seems to think our house is sending ingress back into their system.  Do you know of anyone with a RF Network Analyzer who could determine, independently of Cox, whether or not it's true, and if it is, which one of our seven, built-into our 1970's house could be constituted as 'bad' drops by Cox.  Their 'tech-support' came out last week, did exactly as you said by lopping of connectors in our box, and now my speeds have dropped from the contracted 150-200mb to under 130.  Any ideas or suggestions?

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