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My download is 350 plus all day but my upload during the day is below .5 up. We are supposed to be getting 35 up but don't even get anywhere close. Are cables are perfect and i have tried resting to no prevail, I am also connected by eithernet. I need some help!!!

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  • There appears to be an issue with the upload speeds in many areas. I am in Westerly and consistently had 333 Mbps down and 32 Mbps up. Now the best is 230 down and 1.5 up. Live Agents were unsuccessful in their attempts and tech is scheduled for 8/3/2020. There was an outage yesterday afternoon and that was supposedly repaired late afternoon. I work remotely and depend on reliable internet and 1.5 Mbps is not getting it done. I am sorely missing Verizon FIOS. 300/300 without any interruptions.