Internet going out again every day between 10 and 12

My internet is once again going out every single day at random times between 10 and 12. I am on conference calls all day long and once again can now predict that I will get kicked out of what call I am on during that time. I had the same problem in May and a technician came out and knew exactly what was wrong. He put in a ticket and the issue was fixed for a couple of months. It is now happening again. I have sent two emails to Cox. Help@coxcom and I've gotten no response.  It is so frustrating to pay so much money for internet and have this embarrassing outage happen while trying to work. Now every time I'm on a call during that time I have to explain to people that I might get kicked out and apologize ahead of time. That definitely doesn't look good for Cox. Is there anyway I can get some help on this to get it resolved again?

  • Here in Avondale, every day starting around 2 or 3pm, we start having outages. Sometimes it's intermittent, other times it's for an hour or three solid. This ** since we both work from home. I'm trying to figure out how to actually talk to a human right now, beyond these forums of course!

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