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5 months ago

Internet going down every day

Broken Arrow, OK 

For the last month, our internet has been going down at least twice a day every single day. Sometimes it's back in 5 minutes, other times it's been down for hours. This started not long after we upgraded our service. 

Been in chats/calls/ in person at our local center to ask what's going on and the most I got out of anyone was a big fat shrug, and was then told my bill would be comp'd for next month. Finally I got someone to tell me that Cox was doing work in the area - but that's about it. Nothing about if they're installing new equipment or Optic, or if someone was raiding the boxes for copper, or anything other than "working diligently to restore service". 

If there was work going to be done in the area, then there should have been a letter or something else letting us know, right?

I've had to work from home on and off and have had to leave my house to go to the local library in order to even be able to do my job - I work call center essentially, and had to do it from my car so I wouldn't disturb the guests in the library, but this is getting RIDICULOUS. It's bad enough that we're going to have to switch services because we're paying for a service we can't rely on at all from day to day.

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    Hey, I've been having the same issues. It also just completely goes to 5 MBPS when I'm paying for 500 MBPS. I wish they'd let me know of any issues but it seems like it's happening to alot of people.

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    Also, no one can seem to give me an estimated date all this 'work' will be finished.

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      Hello there. I am sorry for the service issues you are experiencing. We strive to ensure our service remains reliable and operates properly at all times for our customer's needs. When unplanned maintenance occurs in an area, it can be difficult to provide estimations of resolution, especially if the work is extensive. We do try to get the services up while work is being completed, so there is not a full span of time the service would be offline. We can try to take a look if there is anything different from what you have been told already. Can you send us an email to with your full name and complete address? I would like to investigate this issue for you.

  • Every single evening after 8 pm we have little to no signal. This is getting ridiculous.  I've already ditched their phone service and I'm considering getting rid of their internet service. The week before last we had virtual no internet at all. For the amount of money that is charged, I would think that they could provide a decent service. 

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      My sincere apologies for the inconsistent services you are experiencing. I would like to take a look at your account and assist. Please send your full name and complete address to

  • Same problem here. Internet been going down 2 to 3 times a day. Really frustrating cuz it knocks out my security system. Been a long time cox user. Paid them a fortune over the years. Considering a switch for the first time.

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    I am getting similar but with my cable television.

    For nearly the past MONTH, at random times of the night, usually beginning around 10:30 PM or so (and occasionally early evening), I have getting the blue screen, which reads:

    "Service Unavailable.

    Sorry, there is currently no TV signal detected on this channel. The channel may be temporarily off the air. Please try later. If the problem continues, please contact Cox Customer Service at1-866-961-1207. Reference M.3.1.4, when calling. Alternatively, you can press the GUIDE button on your remote control on to watch programs on other channels."

    Then when I go to GUIDE, it says Program Unavailable for EVERY CHANNEL!

    I have called and called and called! Got more reboots than I can remember! NONE HAVE WORKED!

    Cox sent out not ONE BUT not TWO, technicians! The first technician first told me that it was my television set. I told him that it was NOT, and that this problem was happening on BOTH of my televisions simultaneously. He then changed both boxes and remotes, and assured me that the problem was not inside of my residence.  He was at my residence for NEARLY THREE HOURS! The second one told me that it was not necessarily not inside of my residence and that it would have to be looked into by his supervisor. He told me to leave unplugged one of my boxes overnight, and see if the other television still loses the signal. And then told me he had to send this problem to his "Supervisor" and that he would be contacting me the next day. I NEVER HEARD FROM HIM! I was also told if I do not hear from him, to call the "Supervisor," directly. I called him, left a voicemail and have heard NOTHING! I tried to send a text, and his phone will not take text messages. I have wasted over 8 hours of my precious time (which is my work time, which provides the means to afford Cox Internet and Television!)

    I have not gotten ANY kind of satisfaction, nor repair of this problem! I pay nearly $200.00 of my hard earned money per month for internet and cable television! I have asked everyone I have spoken to at Cox about getting bill credit for each night that this has happened. I was given a small amount of credit for the first 2 reboots, but I was told that that was all I was getting, despite the continued problem! Nobody has followed up with me regarding this serious problem. No phone calls, no texts (other than confirming technician home appointments), and NO EMAIL! This is EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL!

    I expect a response from Cox Communications regarding this issue, and soon. If I do not hear back from Cox Communications regarding this problem and if this issue is not resolved by Tuesday, I will be CANCELLING my Cox Communications subscriptions, and closing my Cox Communications account, and will recommend that others do so!  I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS!

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      HI, there. I can imagine your frustration dealing with on-going service issues. We are more than happy to help. Please email my team at so we can obtain account details and review further.

      Thank you.