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Lifting Data Cap Covid-19

I'm curious if Cox will follow in the footsteps of AT&T and Comcast in removing the data cap limit during the outbreak. 

I work for Hartford Healthcare in CT, and more folks like myself are starting to work from home during the outbreak, and with my ability to remotely monitor our hospital's systems via VPN, I'll burn through my limit fairly quickly. 

Cox? This seems like an easy PR win.

  • Yes. Cox along with virtually every other ISP and Carrier in the US have signed onto an FCC compact called Keep Americans Connected. The FCC says that signatories to the pact will suspend data caps, data overage charges, late fees, disconnect fees, disconnections for non payment, waive access charges for public hotspots, waive long distance charges and prioritize healthcare workers and hospital connections for 60 days as the nation deals with the economic impact of the novel Coronavirus. 

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