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consistent latency issues when trying to game

Intermittent latency spikes have disrupted my ability to game, so I have resorted to adding a Centurylink DSL line just for gaming. The line is slow from a download and upload perspective, but the latency is very consistent, which makes gaming possible. I would like to know if Cox would be willing to reimburse me the $50 a month that I have to pay Centurylink since Cox is unable to provide consitent latency. The issue typically occurs at my first hop which is I use pingplotter so I can see the latency and packet loss carrying through on the traceroute to just about any server I ping.

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  • I have the same issue. Can't game at all during "at home hours". I guess Cox isn't prepared/can't keep up in the era of Netflix. Im paying $80 a month for 150mbps in a small town but just this night, I got 7mbps speed test in a very near server i pinged to. can you believe that? and all I am getting from the mods here are questions after questions. I give them what they need for proof and I haven't gotten a concrete answer yet. They even sent me a technician to come and look around my place but it wasn't a help. I have been waiting for 3 days now for a solution. I hope they wont come up an answer like "please contact the manufacturer of your router/modem"

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