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High packet loss . VOIP/stream issues

I work from home and a few months ago i started to get  really bad packet loss.

I work from home and rely on  VoIP and Screen sharing tools.

Model Name: SB6183
Vendor Name: ARRIS Group, Inc. 
Firmware Name: D30CM-OSPREY-
Hardware Version: 1
Downstream power levels (QAM256) range from 16.9 dBmV to 18.9 dBmV on all channels  SNR is 37.1 to 38.8 on all channels With Frequency  from 789Mhz to 921Mhz

Upstream power  ranges from 24.1 dBmV to 29.5 dBmV  Frequency ranges from 16.9Mhz to 36.3Mhz Symbol rate is 5120 

Puma 6 Test output:

74ms : x
75ms : x
76ms : x
77ms : xxxxxx
78ms : xxxxxx
79ms : xxxxxx
80ms : xxxxxxxxxxxx
81ms : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
82ms : xxxx
83ms : xxxxxx
84ms : xxxxxx
85ms : xxxxxx
86ms : xxxxx
87ms : xxxx
88ms : xxxxx
89ms : xxx
90ms : xxxxx
91ms : xxxx
92ms : xxx
93ms : xx
94ms : xxxx
95ms : xxx
96ms : xx
97ms : xxx
98ms : xxxxxxxx
99ms : xxx

(below here is the red)
100 - 149ms :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
150 - 199ms :xxxxxxxxxxx
200 - 249ms :xxx

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