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400+ Ping On Xbox (Wireless Connection)

At the start (About 2 months ago) we were having random internet disconnections on random devices almost every 15 minutes. There was also issues with below average speeds on the second modem that connects to a laptop and a xbox. We have two xboxes one that is wired and one that is not. We had a tech out to fix this. Before this tech came out we had average of 50mb download speeds on the wired connection. After this tech came we were up to 700+ but the ping on both xboxes went up to a average of 50-70 ping. We had another tech come out to fix this and now we are down to 15-30 ping average on the wired connections but down to 100mb download. Where our problem is though is that now our wireless xbox is averaging 400+ ping and rarely goes down and constants 15-30 let alone 50. We have had a minimum of 7 techs out to fix internet and tv problems and we are still having issues. If anyone could give an insight on what could possible be happening it would be appreciated. The picture below is from a wireless connection speed on a latpop.