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New Cox Homepage

Who in the hell came up with the new Cox Homepage.  It is horrible.  Please back the old homepage.  I have been with Cox for 29 years but I am seriously thinking of going to another communication company.   Fire the mental midgets who designed the new Homepage.  No Local news, health, politic, world, or trending section now.

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  • That is not the only things wrong with the new homepage.  I have had Cox for 15 years and every time they change something I have problems.  The latest is the pop up saying they do not serve my area, which the fools have as Kansas City, not where I really live, Wichita.  Have spent several hours talking and chatting with folks that did not/or would not understand that I had not moved. Cox programmers make changes for the sake of making them and do not test their changes.  I go to "My Account" and they have a pop up for "GigaBlast" which they can not do, but enjoy the extra monies (greed over service).  I doubt we will continue with Cox as they are charging more for less and their service is extra lousy.

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