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My data usage went up again.

I'm so tired of worrying about my data usage. I've been a customer since before Cox was Cox. I've raised 2 children and 2 grandchildren and never have I had to worry about data use. I use a hard wired desktop and my husband uses a desktop on wifi a few hours a day. We turned the wifi off of our phones and when the grandkids come over, they use their own internet because somehow I'm using 30 to 50 gigs a day doing nothing. I thought this was fixed last month when my use went back down to under 10 gigs a day but now it's happening again. Anyone else having the problem of being charged more gigs than they can possible use in a day?

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  • Now, the data usage meter is down, hopefully they will figure out why it says that someone using only one device and not streaming any video, music or games is using 50 gigs a day!