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COX won't update customer provided modems after screwing up Gigablast speeds....

I have Gigablast service that is now suddenly topping out at 300mbps DL and 5mbps UL.  Up until last week I had full 1000mbps speed DL and 40mbps UL.  My modem is a Motorola MB8600.  Its obvious that COX has changed their system in some way within the last week or so and caused this issue. 

I had a COX tech come out who determined that my modem is the issue and most likely needs a firmware update but that they wont update it since its customer provided! 

I contacted Motorola who told me that they do have a firmware update to my MB8600 which they have forwarded to COX to provide to their customers. They said that ALL updates should be provided by COX. They said they specifically created this firmware after COX system updates have created intermittent connectivity issues and degraded speeds to many Motorola users modems.

Motorola said they will contact COX to tell them they should be pushing this update to me.  We will see what happens....

Oh, and as a cherry on top, it looks like COX will be charging me $75 for the service visit since the problem was a "customer equipment issue".

  • Users don't update modem firmware. ISP's such as COX strictly "push" firmware updates to supported modems. They don't want user firmware tampered with. I suspect the technician had other appointments to tend to so he gave you a ridiculous explanation so he/she could leave.

    Anyways, I have my own SB8600 I purchased and I'm on the ultimate plan. With the last week or some I've seen considerable lag spikes when playing some games. Here's the current info for my modem:

    Software Version 8600- (firmware)

    Hardware version: 1.0

    I don't recall what software version my modem started with nor do I know if there has been any changes to the software.

    What does your modem currently show?

    Karen_R can you look at my account as well?

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