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Xbox one slow upload speed

So everything in my home ( cell phones, laptop etc)  gets awesome speeds, except for my 2 xbox 1s' .  Anyone else having this issue?

  • Have you had any luck getting his fixed? I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM. It is only with my xbox, and only affecting the upload... I am getting 300+ download and 1-4 upload... That is wireless, wired to the router and even wired directly to the modem.

    All other devices are connecting fine, but this problem affects the multiplayer games online... COX PLEASE HELP. This is apparently a common problem (just google "xbox one upload cox" and you see a long list of reported issues starting back in Nov 2018.

    What has happened COX? I used to be very proud of my internet and happy with your service.. Lately, it has been terrible. 

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