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It looks like a recent update to the Cox Panoramic WiFi Application is no longer compatible with many smartphones out there.

I'm looking for a solution that does not include replacing a perfectly good smartphone. It looks like a recent update to the Cox Panoramic WiFi Application is no longer compatible with many smartphones out there, including mine of course.  This post as of January 24, 2021, so I'd say the stunt happened within a few days before that date.  I enjoyed the convenience of making adjustments to my home network remotely.  Now that has been summarily taken away.  Sorry if I don't appreciate that.

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  • What kind of device? I am using an ancient iPhone 6S+, on iOS 13.5, which isn’t the latest but not that old. I prefer to stay on an iOS without updating as long as possible, I’ll stay as long as my apps work. I was on iOS 9.3.3 for 3 years, I only updated because my CVS Pharmacy app was no longer Compatible. Otherwise I suppose I’d still be on 9.3.3 because my device ran optimally with the iOS that was designed for it.

    As of right now, I’ve got the latest Cox and Cox WiFi apps (I do not have TV service so I don’t use Contour), and they all work great.

    Sometimes, an older Android device will not be offered any more firmware updates, and you will not be able to update your Oanoramic WiFi App. I have an “Obamaphone” that is on Android Oreo I believe (Android 8.1.0), I am updating my Cox and WiFi apps right now: My Cox Panoramic WiFi app just opened, although my device is very slow. It took a while but it logged me in, and I am seeing exactly the same thing as my iOS image shows me, every feature that I have on iOS, I have on android O.

    I do have a very old Samsung galaxy tab 3, it was relatively fast when I first got it but seeing that it is on KitKat, I haven’t even bothered installing any modern apps into the thing, I don’t even update what I have anymore. 

    it would help if we knew exactly what you have, I could advise you better. I have found that these apps work on a pretty good range of operating systems also if you can’t get the app you can login to the Cox Wifi page for your account and get access that way. it may be time to get a new device, if you have a major carrier it should not be too heinous to get a flex lease to rent a brand new device. I have done this three times and I still have all of my old phones and they all work great. You can sometimes get a device that is a little bit older, but it can still get the latest firmware, sometimes you can get these for a rental of $10 a month or so. Just go to your carrier store and tell them what you want and I am sure that they will help you

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