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4 years ago

XR15 Remote Problems

We've been having issues with the XR15 voice remote on our main Contour box (Cisco 9865HDC).  Every few hours the remote signal is not sent to the box -- green light then red light on the remote.  We have to wait 30 to 60 seconds and then we can use the remote normally again.  At least until the next time that it won't transmit.  This happens at least a couple of times a day. 

This only happens on the main box.  We've never had a problem with the other 3 boxes -- 1 mini coax box (XiD-P) and 2 wireless boxes (Xi6-A).  All of the remotes have been supplied with fresh batteries to eliminate that as a cause.

In trying to remedy the remote lag, we unpaired one of the remotes.  Now trying to get it paired again has proved challenging.  The remote pairs just fine with the box.  But then trying to pair with the TV, we just get a message that says "Pairing Remote" with 3 moving dots.  It stays this way for several minutes and then returns to the Contour settings screen.  Since we can't get past the step of pairing to the TV, we then cannot get to the step of pairing to the audio receiver.

We realize that we can manually connect the remote to the audio receiver to control volume and power, but then the remote will not control power to the TV.  Which would defeat the purpose of having a home theater set up.

We had never had an issue pairing a remote previously, but it's been many months since we've needed to do so.  Also, the devices we are trying to pair to have always been successfully linked -- a Sharp TV and a Denon receiver.  No new devices have been introduced.

So now we have two problems that we are trying to correct ...

1) how to eliminate the lag with the XR15 remote transmission

2) how to complete all 3 steps of the remote pairing process to connect to the box, the TV and the audio receiver.

Thanks to anyone who can provide some insightful feedback.

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    Hi Mels,
    I am sorry that you have been having trouble with the remote pairing recently. Based on the information that you have provided, I would recommend resetting the cable box by unplugging the power cord for 30 seconds to clear the cache of the box. If that doesn't help, we may want to consider swapping out the remote since changing the batteries hasn't helped to this point.
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      Thanks David.  I should have mentioned -- I have restarted the box.  I have power cycled the box.  I have pulled the power cord and reconnected after a few minutes.  I too would like to blame the remote, but I'm more convinced that it might be the main box instead.  I suggest that because I can easily pair the remote with the other 3 boxes in about 10 seconds.  And the fact that we have the same issues with a second remote on the main box.  Your thoughts?

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        Hi @Mels

        If you have tried a different remote that works on other boxes and it still has the same issues on the main box, then there may be an issue with the main box. Especially if a reset does not fix the issues. You can email us at with your address and we can either send a technician or ship a replacement box to you.

        Ben S.
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