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6 years ago

What does xre03059 mean?

This has been going on for months with this problem. I went to the office and switch boxes and it is still the same. No sound on certain channels and all my channels don't come in. I have call to try to get help unfortunately no resolution. I'm not trying to get nothing free but I feel like I should get reimbursed or credit toward my account as long as this has been going on. I would like to get the problem fix also or cancel my cable subscription. 

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  • Hi Janiejane1Love, I apologize that this issue wasn't resolved by swapping out the box. The XRE-03059 error indicates a possible RF tuning issue. This issue can be resolved by an on-site technician. If you'd like my team to assist you with scheduling a service call, feel free to email us at Be sure to include your full name, address, and a link to this thread in your email. If you prefer to call Technical Support to schedule a service call, that's fine, too. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Hello Janiejane1Love,

        If the issue is found to be non-Cox caused a service call fee may apply.  Most service calls are covered if you are subscribed to Cox Complete Care. For more information, please visit us at If you'd like us to schedule a service call, please send us an email at Please include your full name, street address, and a link to your forum post in your email.

        Cox Support Forums Moderator