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4 years ago

AUP#CXSNDR what does this mean?

have been trying to forward something sent to me by a friend and it looks like its sending...then an error message appears and it ends with this.  i googled it and a thread comes up on here, but it won't take to any of the links so i can't read it. that thread implied cox is censoring something in it.  but that same cox let it come to me?  although, thinking about wouldn't surprise me.  nothing they do surprises me any more. does anybody know what i'm doing wrong?

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    I suspect the AUP means Acceptable Use Policy

    CX is Cox

    S could be as easy as [Exceeded] Storage...or Syntax for authentication

    NDR is Non-Delivery Report or Non-Delivery Receipt

    Of course, there is the underlying why.

    We'd need the complete...and redacted...message header for the underlying SMTP codes.

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      what i'm trying to send (see response to wider above) is no bigger than others that went successfully.  the addresses i'm sending to were also copy/pasted from several that went successfully.  as for the "thing" you need....what???  i never claimed to be a tech so i have no idea what you want or how to give it to you! pls explain...

  • ok.  so revisiting this problem, i have discovered that somewhere along the line, the "offending" email got thru!  i have nothing marked as "not sent."  if i have anybody here to thank..thank you!  but it's probably just a result of cox's flaky service....