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2 years ago

Sound Cutting Out

I am a long time customer and have been experiencing an issue where the sound (not video) drops out for a second at a time. This happens every 5 minutes or so. It happens in both my main room and bedroom. Each have their own cable box.  The master is in the main room and the smaller box is in the bedroom. I have done multiple resets but no luck. Both TV's are LG models. Both TV's have soundbars. DVD or Internet via the tv do not have this issue. There are no splitters in the house. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks.

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    Ours cuts out too.  At first it was just after releasing a pause.  But now it is every few minutes.  Very frustrating!


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      Hello. I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your sound on recordings. I know this can be frustrating. Please reach out to us at for assistance. We'd love to help. 


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  • Hello, AndyH.

    Thank you for being a long time customer. I can only imagine how frustrating the audio loss you are describing can be. I'd like to help. There are a couple of things that can impact audio during TV viewing. Many of them are covered here

    One thing to check is your cabling between the tv box and your TV. Sometimes reseating this cabling can correct the issue. Some audio settings (such as SAP) can affect the audio you expect to hear. You can find how to check the settings for your particular equipment here

    If these steps have hot helped improve your TV viewing experience and the audio loss please send an email with the following info to us at so we can look at this for you.

    Your full name
    Your complete street address
    A link to this thread for reference
    A description of the trouble you are having.

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      Hi AndyH and CuriousJ,

      We definitely want to get these issues resolved for you! I apologize that the second link in Colleen's post didn't work. For Secondary Audio Programming issues, see

      AndyH, do you experience the audio drop-out on all channels, or just certain channels? If so, please provide channel numbers. I understand that you don't experience any audio issues when watching a DVD; the audio drop-out only occurs when watching TV through the Cox cable boxes. Even so, have you tested to see if the audio drop-out continues if you connect the TV audio directly to the cable box rather than the sound bar? Also, please describe what kind of cables connect the TV to the cable box and sound bar.

      CuriousJ, are you also using a sound bar or audio receiver? Please describe the kind of cables connect your TV to the cable box and sound bar/audio receiver.

      -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        We have the same issue. Obviously we checked the wires 🙄Im so tired of cox not fixing anything. It was like the time they said we can change our wifi name and password via the app but then we did it with the technician there and it didnt work and he said "ops, yeah must not be working."

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    Ours started two days ago. Audio only drops out on recordings. Happens on every recording.  Doesn't happen on live TV. Happens on every Contour Device. Reset cable modem. Disconnected all cables between Contour devices and TV's and rebooted Contour devices. Reconnected devices and still have issue. It makes watching recordings unbearable.

    Samsung 4K HDMI Contour receiver

    Vizio HDMI Contour box

    Samsung UHD HDMI Contour receiver

    Samsung UHD HDMI Contour box

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    I know this is an older post, but I've been scratching my head for weeks trying to resolve this issue. The sound only (not video) would drop out intermittently for 1-3 seconds randomly, but more often during transitions between commercials and when returning to normal programming after commercial segments.  I have a new Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV and Samsung Q800 Soundbar with a Cox SCXI11BEI wifi cable box. All are connected by HDMI 2.1 cables. The TV detects and selects HDMI-eArc signaling between the devices as expected.

    I finally landed on a setting in the TV sound options that has resolved the dropouts completely. In Samsung its under SOUND --> Expert Settings --> Auto Volume (On or Off).  It was set to "On" when I had sound dropouts. I set it to "Off" and voila no more sound dropouts.  If you have a Samsung TV, check it. If you have some other brand there may be a similar setting.

    It seems that this setting, when On, causes the TV to try to detect volume differences and adjust them automatically. I assume this is to try to alleviate the volume difference between commercials and programs.  Seems that in my case this setting has the side effect of causing the annoying dropouts.


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      That is great information to share with the forums community,


      Thank you,