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3 years ago

Sound and picture problems

Sound cuts out for a couple seconds, picture gets pixel blotches. Problem is now on both of my TV's. It's so bad that I can't watch the program. I reset the box every 3 - 4 days, that helps for an hour or 2. I've been a cox customer for 16 years, up to a year ago my cable was flawless. It seems their total solution is to reset the box. I'm being charged big bucks for inferior service. They know there is a problem but lack the balls to admit it and the intelligence to fix it. 

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    I know how frustrating it is to have issues while trying to watch your favorite shows. We appreciate your 16+ years of loyalty to us. Are there any splitters or amplifiers that are connected to the coaxial that is screwed into the back of your Cable box? If so can you please bypass any splitters/amplifiers and plug it directly into the wall from the cable box?

    Ben S.
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      There are no amps or splitters, just poor service that I'm being overcharged for. A technician was here 2 months ago and replaced every connection from the box at the the street to the back of the cable cox. Waste of time.  

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        Assuming you have coaxial, if you have 2 TV sets (2 cable-boxes), you have at least (1) 2-way splitter.