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5 years ago

Setting a program to record using Cox mobile apps

This is a story of how I tried to set recording on my DVR using the Cox mobile apps for Android. I'm away from home, I hear about a program I'll want to watch later, but I need to set it to record. My first try was with the Contour app, because if it has to do with your TV, the Contour app is the place to go, right? I easily find the TV listings for my favorite channels, and then I find the program I want to record and I open that listing. What am I allowed to do? I have two choices: I can set a reminder to watch the program live, or I can watch what is currently on that channel. So, Contour lets you watch TV on your mobile device, but it doesn't let you set a recording.

Next, I open the Cox Connect app. I had previously set my login credentials, so I go right to the landing page. On the landing page I scroll to and select My TV. There are two links on the resulting page, one to open the Contour app (been there, done that), the other is TV Welcome Guide. When I select that, I am taken OUT OF THE APP to the Cox web site on my browser. The landing page is all about instruction and guide videos, so I select the Menu icon, on which there are several choices. Now, ONLY BECAUSE I had done this before on the web site, I knew to follow the path Customers --> My tools --> TV Listings & Schedule DVR. (This was one of over a dozen paths I could have followed had I not known the correct one.) So now I have the TV listings, I find the program I want to record and I open it. There on the screen is finally the link I've been looking for: "Record to my Cox DVR" I click on the link and... Does it set the recording? No, it asks you for your user name and password. When I was routed from the Cox Connect app to the web site on the browser, it didn't bring my login credentials with me. After I look up my username and password and copy them to the browser screen, my recording is finally set.

Should it really be that hard to set a recording using a mobile app???

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