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5 years ago

Programming TV remote to mini box?

Is it possible to program a TV (smart) remote to use on a cox mini box?

right now I’m having to use 2 remote, the remote than cane with the tv and the cox remote for when I want to watch cable.

It would be nice to only have to use 1 remote  -my TV’s remote has the numbers & channel up/down button it’s only missing a guide button. I also have mini HDMI connected to ARC HDMI and it doesn’t do anything. 

*I don’t need info on how to program the cox (mini) remote to work on my tv. 

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    Hi CharleneL, unfortunately, you will not be able to program the television remote with the Cox Minibox. There may be universal remotes out there that are compatible with the minibox. However, we generally do not recommend or condone any specific brands or models. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator