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6 years ago

Power saver

How do you adjust the time b4 sleep mode applied   I understand it is about 4 hrs by default.  I cannot find the adjustment in settings only turning it on or off

PS I have a contour 2 (pace) box

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  • Hi WildOne46, Contour 2 receivers do not have a sleep timer feature. I'm sorry! Turning on Power Saver as you have been doing may be your best option (Contour/Settings/Device Settings/Power Preferences/Power Saver). Check your TV's settings menu and see if the TV offers a sleep timer function. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Found method to set time on power saver function   The default is 4 hrs.   If you allow the power saver to activate, usually no activity overnight the light on the box will turn off ,& go into sleep mode.  When you power up the TV using contour remote next morning this awakens the box & light will turn on.  In the upper right hand corner of TV a msg will appear indicating amount of time box in sleep mode   Press info on remote & get menu to change time interval; 1,2,4,6 or 8 hours or off 

      UPDATE 2:

      Appears on 12/5/18 this option was removed with firmware (?) longer available