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3 years ago

Paramount Plus on Contour

I am unable to watch Paramount+ shows on my Contour host box (brand new today).On the host box, when I select the episode and choose to go to Paramount+ (watch options), I get an ad, then a spinny circle in the upper left, and that's it. Spinny circle forever or eventually an error code.  I am able to watch Paramount+ shows on the client box. It shows an ad and then the show starts up fine.

Why does it work on the client box, but not the host?

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    Try rebooting the cable box and see if that helps.

    Jonathan J
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      Thanks yes, that apparently worked. After the regular overnight reboot, it is working. But we are getting a lot of ads; we are paying for Paramount Premium but on Cox we're getting paramount Essential. On iPhone and computer there are no ads during the show.

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        Paramount Plus has stopped working on my Samsung series 8 TV about the time the short cut to paramount was put up by Cox.  I can sign in to Paramount Plus on the Cox Contour Link but get the add version instead of the premium version. Cox needs to file a trouble ticket with Paramount Plus to resolve this.  It still will only load about 10% of the time.  I could put up with the TV app not working if the Contour version would work as add free. I have watched the same show on add free with a run time of 47 min.  ON the Contour Link, 60 min with ads

        To trouble shoot this , I have confirmed that the router (about 5 months old), the Samsung TV are updated on firmware and current.. Samsung tech support has spent several hours going through the TV remotely and confirmed that they see nothing wrong with its operation.  The TV has a strong wifi signal.  Cox was less than helpful as their tech support by phone did not know how commercials were coming over the contour link.  Other attempts.  Static DNS was assigned,- no help.   Rebooted over 20 times in this process - no help.  Deleted apps many times and reloaded - no help.  Later today  I will run a cable from the router to see if a faster data speed helps anything.  However, I am seeing this complaint about the contour link in several places.