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New voice-activated control can't manage volume on Boston Acoustic soundbar.

The box has been buggy with problems such as no DVR access, failure to record programs and, worst of all, unable to load any channels until a long service call fised this issue via several hard resets

The Tech who installed the box couldn't get the remote to manage the volume on my Boston Acoustic soundbar. I have to use my old Cox remote for volume control and the new for everything else.

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  • Hello TigVI,

    Viewing I couldn't find any programmable codes for your soundbar with the XR-11 remote.

    I'm sorry to see there aren't any codes to program to your sound bar at this time. Perhaps you can program the remote to control your TV then once you have "learned" the TVs volume command into the Boston, the remote will then control the Boston soundbar volume. You may find what you're looking for by visiting the Boston's website for your sound bar.

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    I received a pretty vague message from Cox in response to my audio management note above. To summarize, I found 3 codes to try to manage my Boston Acoustics soundbar and none of them worked. The message I got was something like 'unable to manage soundbar at this time.'

    Also, last night I could not access Netflix using the voice remote. The messagge said I had network problems. I ran the tests available and my network tested out fine. So I then tried my old Vizio TV remote and it linked me to Netflix with no problems. Of course, this disabled the Cox remote so I had to reboot the cable box to regain access to it with the Cox remote. The Cox remote couldn't even shut the TV off until I recycled the cable box. This remote is supposed to provide ease of access to all of Cox TV features but so far that's not the case.

  • TigVI,

    Have you unpaired the Cox Remote to your devices, then re-paired to see if this will help? This may clear any sort of programming issue and help.

    Here's a helpful link to the XR-11 Voice Remote: