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6 years ago

New (to me) Contour 2 dvr/remote. Remote help please.

Our old Contour box died it's final death last week. New and improved (according to Cox store) Contour 2 was given to us.

We have a soundbar, the cox box and a tv. The old remote let us turn each on individually, or all together. Or turn up the tv volume separate from the sound bar volume. Each component had its own button up top.  I could press the "aux" button to adjust the sound bar. The "tv" button to adjust the tv sound. How do I do that now? How do I adjust JUST the tv volume, or JUST the sound bar volume? 

Also, the old remote, when you pressed the tv button let you access all the tv settings. Now the tv button just turns it off.

Help, please?!

This new and improved box (That new guide style is awful!) is a huge step backwards. And the remote killed off my fave buttons. No more easy 1 button push on "dvr" to get to recordings. Switching inputs is clunky. No more pre-set start up channel.  I'm so sad our old box died.

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  • Hi Dowling,

    The Contour remote only allows for volume control of one device. We appreciate your feedback and will share this with our product team.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator