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5 years ago

RF remote range for Contour DVR

I ordered Contour TV and was an install failure because the remote RF signal was not reliable at 32 feet thru one wall to the DVR location. Voice commands were very sketchy and the installer said he sees this all the time when someone has an equipment room like me with audio receivers etc.

I have Xfinity in my vacation house in Florida with the same X1 type equipment and the RF range seems much better.

Any ideas? I absolutely love the system in Florida and am disappointed I can't have Contour in San Diego. I'm sure Cox is disappointed too since I ordered 5 boxes for my large home and would have been a good customer.

Are any remote or box combinations better regardng range? Cox should definitely improve on range or offer an RF repeater. 

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    my contour came with 2 controllers for 2 boxes, for 2 tvs...why only one controller needing to penetrate the wall?

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    That's why "they" invented RF remotes...extended range (100 feet) and walls.  These cable boxes are reissued so maybe you have a so-so transmitter, receiver or both.  You could try exchanging 'em.  Is there a port on the back for an extender?

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      Thanks. I could purchase the Xfinity IR extender (Cox no longer provides for free) but as I understand it, I would lose Voice Commands which are RF mode only.

      I get excellent range with the RF remotes I now use with DirecTV but their tech is getting old. Cox was smart enough to make a deal with Comcast for this cool voice technology. with Netflix and Amazon seamlessly integrated. I'm in TV heaven when I'm at my Florida place :)

      By the way, I left Cox in 2000 when I got a Plasma TV and called Cox for HD. The rep said "what's that?" I called DirecTV and had an HD Receiver the next day. Of late DirecTV has unfortunately not innovated any longer.