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3 years ago

New channels request

I would like to ask COX to add the following channels.

I find myself enjoying channels like this more than most of the others.

I currently watch these via a roof top antenna but would like the convenience of watching

them on cable TV adding value to cable tv as part of a lower entry package.

Antenna TV :  available on a cable tv provider in Hartford CT as well a channel 64.4 WNAC-TV Providence over the Air FREE

H&I TV (Heroes & Icons) :  currently on channel 38.2 WSBK Boston Over the Air FREE


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    I get H & I on channel 82 and Antenna on channel 95.  Not sure what package you're subscribing to.  I myself would LOVE to see them finally add OANN.  They could put it on channel 99, which has had the "This channel is currently unavailable" message for months now and used to be the local education channel before that moved to channel 11.  

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      I know this is not the forum for the statement I'm going to make, but I love the fact that Cox has avoided carrying OANN for as long as they have.  OANN is just a Trump propaganda outlet.   The country definitely does not need that right now.    There are other places to get your Trump fix (Fox, Newsmax).

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        If you don't want to watch OANN, why would you even care if Cox carries it?  Nobody is forcing you to watch it.  It's called "freedom of choice."  I choose not to watch MSNBC, but I don't care if Cox carries it because I feel the people who want to watch MSNBC have the right to do so.  Same with CNN.  And why do you think that because someone wants to watch a particular network, that makes them a Trump supporter?  Maybe they can't stand Trump but want to watch that particular network for other reasons.  Calm down!  

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