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20 days ago

NESN red sox no audio/video glitches

what’s the issue with these broadcasts? there have been constant glitches in the video where it repeatedly skips back a fraction of a second and there is NO AUDIO, even during commercial breaks. there haven't been any banners streaming across from NESN saying there is a technical issue on their end so…

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  • Hello. I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this issue to so we can look into this issue on your behalf. 

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    No audio for Red Sox games on NESN was reported 4 days ago.  The OP reported 2 days later:

    "the digital feed from NESN was the problem and it has been resolved".  

    It appears there have been technical issues from the source for that channel recently.  It would seem those issues haven't been completely resolved.

    no audio NESN channel


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      well, trust me. it isn’t resolved. it seems to be a cox problem because it is happening on NESN and NESN+ late in the game when the sox and bruins games swap out. commercials are silent, too. nobody on facebook is complaining about comcast, verizon or any other cable providers having the same issues.

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        Hello, I am very sorry you have not had the best experience with Cox. I understand how important communication and reliable service is. We value your business, and I would be happy to help. Please email us your “full” name, “complete” address, and a copy of your post to for further assistance. Thank you!