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My 55" tv was damaged during an install...It was fine before the install...who do I contact???

A guy, not for Cox, but for ACT came...he did a terrible install..left wire hanging everywhere to where I had to get someone to come fix it. I also have a wire going through a heating vent!! The major thing is my 55" smart tv was damaged, he even was the one to point it out...we had just checked the day before to make sure our outlets were working and the screen was fine. I can look at it and tell it was an actual thumb pressing on it. We have it on a coffee table. He had to have grabbed the tv and turned the table to get behind it. Now we can barely watch it. My husband is is not even a year old!!

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  • Hi Kara, how awful! It sounds like we need to get another tech out to you. Exposed wires are unsafe. We can also submit a damage claim on your behalf. So that we can gather the contact information we need for the damage claim, please email your full name and address to -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator