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7 years ago

Mini Cable Box and Windows 10

Is there a way i can watch Cox Cable from a mini cable box on my windows 10 computer? I used to watch tv with a hauppauge tv tuner but that was before windows 10 and digital cable.

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    The mini boxes are equipped with a HDMI port on the back on them as well as a coaxial port. If you computer has a HDMI port, you can connect the cable box to your computer & watch TV on it.

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    Thanks Mark! Can I do this while using my computer? Or would I be using my monitor like a tv?

    I’d like to do this while doing other things on my computer at the same time. Can I use software like kodi?

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    Hello Cat509,

    You would be using the monitor like a TV. The minibox will only produce the cable picture. Thanks
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    you have to have cpx tv and internet