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5 years ago

15 second or 30 second fast-forward button

.15 second or 30 second fast-forward button

 It is hard to believe that with sophistication like a voice remote control there is no way you can fast forward a DVR show 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Seems to me like Cox sold out to some commercial media companies or a conglomeration of them to make sure we have to watch commercials even as we fast forward through them.  Because fast forwarding is the only way we can get through 4or5 minutes worth of commercials when you're trying to watch a show.

This was not done by accident it's done on purpose !!!

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  • Wow, finally got this Jump key to work...Thanks to WilderM and goody for the prompts....I actually did an internet check on my XR11 Contour Voice remote...first, the Jump using the Pg Up/down defaulted to 5min on mine.  I and many others wanted to Jump to say 30sec to bypass commercials or just Jump while watching a live or recorded video.  I kept trying to do 15sec jump but seems like the procedure just gets you 30sec Pg Up and 15sec Pg Down. I tried different time increments, but could not get anything else to work....

    On the XR11 or Xfinity remotes (works with TV on) exit, exit, exit then 0030...I pressed exit again to clear the screen of the Station 0030 that appeared in the Search box.  When you press these keys on the remote, it starts displaying all the functions activated under each press.  This series of picks must be software built into the remote to get a fixed 30sec up/15sec down.  I kept trying to "assign" the 0030 to the actual Pg Up key. and thinking I could program the Pg Dn key too with a different time or even 30sec.  Seems like you only get 30up/15down.  Now, I'm not sure if there is a different combo to change or get it back to Factory default.  Also, Aim the remote at the DVR, you are actually programming the DVR, not the this on another link.

    There is another UTube video, that says turn TV off, exit, exit, exit, 0500 followed by exit, exit,exit, 0030 and turn TV back on...but since mine worked with the simple exit, exit, exit, 0030....I quit.  Now, the simpler steps I originally listed, MAY work with the TV Off, but mine is already done so I cannot check this out....Maybe another User could report back if the TV can be off and use the first series of exits.

    Thanks again WiderM and for goody to suggest poking around.  I really wanted 15sec up/down and kept using those numbers, but nothing worked...Happy Remote Jumping!

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    if you tap ff, 4-5 times, it gets to the end quickly.

  • I have the Contour2 with Voice remote, so can only comment about this one.  The Pg^, Pgdown WILL allow a 5min jump either way on any recorded video or live show.  The FastF is the only way to skip along at either 2x, 3x etc.  If you quickly press the exit button, you can get rid of the FF screen just a tad quicker than waiting for the screen to clear.

    However, the Pg^ button should be made to be programed by the users.  5sec, 10sec or anything.  Many computer video playback programs allow the use of the left/right keyboard arrows to do this. 

    Also,   I'm not sure what the online WatchTV allows....but most of us are TV live or DVR users.  I watched some Prime movie last night and wished I had a 5sec jump back to re-read some sub-titles.  I also watch movies on the TV that I have copied to a Flash Drive.  When I watch these, my TV remote (Cox remote does not allow controlling a Flash drive) will allow a jump fwd/back.  Since the time is in seconds, multiple pressing the button moves the jump along.  Cox's remote moves it along in 5min increments.

    COX can do this if they put their mind to it.  Since the Pg^ already has a 5min jump, allowing the re-programing should be easier.  COX will argue that the FF and pause gives users enough control.

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    i reprogrammed my Contour 2 DVR to do the 30 second skip using the page up button  - I think WiderMouthOpen had the process correct.

  • All right, thanks Goody for bringing this issue back..almost forgot.  You said you were able to Reprogram the Contour2 DVR remote (mine is the voice, XR11-RF)  to allow the up/down Jump keys to 30sec each?  I remember trying WiderM's suggestion of pressing exit, exit, exit (3times) then entering 0015 (I'm trying for 15sec) on the keypad.  I'm guessing that you also need to depress either one of the page up/down keys at some point and maybe the OK button in the middle.  I tried variations of these steps and still see 5min(0500) jump when using both.  Re-playing a previously recorded show, that shows the total time, is the easiest way to verify whether it works. Do you maybe need to enter some other Setup mode. 

    I tried this about 20days ago and talking with CurtB, I think....because my one remotes actually has a 30sec page up and a 15sec page down.  I had to have used WiderM's procedure, but don't remember the actual steps.  I cannot seem to be able to re-program this remote to say 15sec on both.  So Goody, do you remember your actual steps...thanks to both of you for this item.

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      sorry i don't remember, I did either a google search or found it on this forum

  • This modification is so great...I had to tape both Football games on Sat and viewed them a few hours into their broadcast.  Using the 30sec PgUp and 15sec PgDn allowed me to skip around the commercials and even re-play scenes I wanted to review.  For Live games, I'm now able to PgDn and at least go backwards at 15sec intervals....Real happy!