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5 years ago

Lost cable with latest cable box software update

This past Sunday we lost cable due to the latest software update Cox pushed out.  The box kept attempting to reboot and  after each reboot attempt we got a “bad image file” error message. So, a Cox tech came out Monday evening and replaced the box. Then on Wednesday, same problem with the new box. The software update caused us to lose cable again, and we get the bad image file error message after each reboot attempt. Another Cox tech is coming out tomorrow, but at this point I’m not confident that after another box replacement we won’t have this issue in another few days. 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 

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  • Hi KKearyTaylor,

    We’re sorry to learn about the issue you’re having with our service. Both of your Contour receivers are reporting back poor signals so scheduling a technician is recommended. It appears the issue you’re currently experiencing may not be associated with the Contour receiver itself. The issue may be coming from our equipment outside your home. If the technician determines the problem is outside your home, the issue will be escalated for repair.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator