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7 years ago

June 19th guide changes. All of my recordings failed

We received notice in Phoenix that most SD channels would become HD channels.  That was successful.   But all of my planned recordings ended up in the Missed Recording file. ( Contour 1 DVR Cisco 9865).  I expected some problems during the change.  So I went to remove (using the SKIP option) the old HD channels from the guide and only use the single lineup.  Contour would not let me do that.  So I have Channel 3 in the guide on channel 3 and 1003.  Cox did say that we could leave the old HD channels and set recordings for either one.  but I don't need for each channel to appear twice in my Guide.  Will someone at Cox notify the engineers about the problem with recordings, please. In the Missed Recording list, each show said "the recording failed because we experienced technical difficulties".   I have one DVR, one tv, no mini-boxes, no splitters and all of my interior and exterior cables are working fine, the signal strength is strong. 

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    Hi, try power cycling your box (removing the power cord for at least a full 2-minutes) then reconnect it. When the box resets let us know if that corrects it. --Carol, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thanks Carol.  I always do that before I post on the forum.  What did the engineers say when you told them about the problem?

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      it does not help at all.  i have rebooted my box more than 5 times and spent one hour on the phone with tech support.  As a moderator, you should really understand the problem.  It is not something that can be fixed with a reboot,  NOW, THE CHANGE HAS DOUBLED FAVORITES.  We now have to scroll through double the channels when choosing favorites.  RIDICULOUS.  PLEASE TELL THE ENGINEERS THAT THIS IS CREATING HAVOC.