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is it normal for cox customer support to ask for your ID and password? contour tv error tvapp-00281 is why i contact cs

currently my contour tv internet doesnt work. using

i get currently resuming and then error code tvapp-00281. im using google chrome, but i tested it on firefox and on a different computer. same error.

while contacting cox customer support this is what they asked:

10:55:32 AM [Ray N.]

Ok. I am working on the ticket. For troubleshooting, the back-office video support team requests your Cox User ID and password. Are you willing to give that to us?

at the end of the conversation they summited a ticket (my problem is still there).

so two questions. anyone know why im getting this error and is it normal for cs to ask for your login and password. i refuse to give it to ray.

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    Sounds like they want to test with your username/password to see if they can replicate the error. Seems reasonable to me, as long as you are going through official communications. They could always reset it, test, and then have you reset it again, but that is complicated. If you do give it to them, just change it after they are done testing.

    As for the error, do you have a Cox Panoramic gateway? If so, have you tried resetting it?

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    Yes, they need to open the app using your credentials to troubleshoot it.