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5 years ago

Is a Contour 2 device "bound" to a certain cable connection/TV set within my home?

I have two Contour 2 devices (main and satellite).   Last night I wanted to experiment swapping the two boxes on my two TV sets because I have issues with Netflix watching on the main device (video "stutters") and I don't have this problem on the set with the satellite device.

I swapped the two boxes and noticed that neither would boot.  I then noticed that I had no Cox services; phone and Internet were out.  I called Cox support and they said they couldn't connect to me to test connectivity; I then called neighbor on cell phone (also Cox customer) and she wasn't having any problems.   I put both devices back in their original location and within 10 minutes my services were back.

I suppose it could be a coincidence that I had some sort of Cox outage when I tried this but the timing seems suspect, especially since the service came back on its own (I guess) after putting both devices back in their original location?

Did I cause this mini-outage or should I be able to swap my Contour devices with my two TV sets?


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    It sounds like a momentary issue with your Internet modem.  If it's an all-in-one device (Internet/phone/WiFi), it would cause a complete outage.

    Swap again to duplicate.

    How is the "stuttering" box connected to the Internet...wired or wireless?  There are a few things to troubleshoot without relocating equipment.  You could use a wired connection, increase its QoS on the router, swap the HDMI cables, review the video settings on the TV. etc.  If you still can't correct the stuttering, exchange the box.

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      Bruce:  No, it's not an all-in-one device.  I have a cable modem and a phone modem but all of my services went out concurrently.   The "stuttering" is associated with my Contour 2 main device and it's coax-attached..and it only happens when I'm watching Netflix through the Contour app.   The video has the appearance of having dropped/frozen frames; the motion is not smooth.   I also have a satellite Contour box on my other TV and I don't have any Netflix problems with that box.   That's why I wanted to swap them to see if the problem follows the box.   The TV associated with the "stuttering" Contour 2 box is a Samsung Smart TV which is Wifi connected to my home network.  It's built-in Netflix app doesn't have any stuttering issues whatsoever but there's a known issue with my TV and the Samsung sound bar and Netflix which causes the sound to drop every once in a while.   So I get to choose between dropped sound or dropped video frames.   I'll try swapping the boxes again; if it causes another outage (I don't think it will, but) I'll have the answer to my question.   Others have posted about this same problem in the Cox forums (stuttering) so I know it's not just me.


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    you should have just asked cox when you had them on the phone  is Netflix still having issues? 

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      At this point it wasn't a Netflix issue; I had no services whatsoever.  The Netflix issue is ongoing and I know some other Cox customers have it; I wanted to swap the boxes to see if the problem followed the box to the other set.  My original question isn't about Netflix; I'm asking if it's valid to swap Contour boxes from one set to another after they've been provisioned by Cox.

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        Hello, you are welcome to swap the Contour receivers at any time. I am worried that you may be experiencing signal issues, which can cause a variety of symptoms. If you'd like additional assistance, please feel free to send us an email at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator