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4 years ago

Internet always messing up and contour box

So today I received a message from cox saying they had a service issue and they were fixing it. Hours later I received another message that said the issue was resolved. Well I have unplugged my internet and contour box and nothing. It makes me angry that when you are talking to a representative about how your things were working fine before the issue and they say they are going to charge you $75 to send out a technician. Firstly I've been with Cox for years. Secondly why would I give Cox money to fix a problem that they created and why are y'all charging ppl to fix the service we already pay way too much for in the first place. Help me to make this make sense! I shouldn't have to work all day just to come home and look at a wall for nearly 2 days before a "technician" can come out. 

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  • Hi Fed Up Customer,

    I was able to locate your account based on the email address you registered your Forums user ID with, and it appears your Contour and internet connection is working when I check from this end.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator