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4 years ago

Interference on a couple of channels

I  am having a problem with viewing Channels 1034 (NBCSN) and 1039 (MASN)  on my main tv the last couple of days. I have a Contour box on my main TV and a minibox on a Tv in another room.  I can view these  (NBCSN and MASN) on the tv connected to my mini box.  On my Contour the two channels specified almost appear as though they are being scrambled.  I also  get  the same kind of inteference on Channel 1008 (CNN) but to a much lesser degree and not all the time.  I did a box reboot to no avail, NBCSN and MASN are still not watchable.  Can anyone help?

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  • Did you also check the cable line to make sure it was still tight on both ends? Also, if there is a cable splitter on this line you may want to temporarily remove it to see if there is any improvement. Short of that, it sounds like there might be a signal issue impacting this box and will likely need a technician out. You can send us an email to with a link to this thread and your home address to setup an appointment if needed.

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