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I have 2 individual Contour2 DVR boxes, but don't understand the Recording listed under Contour/Saved/Recordings

Each DVR is connected to 2 TV's and internally identified individually as Family Room and Office. When I go to each DVR, and look at the Scheduling, I can see a singular listing that displays shows individually chosen  to be recorded from both machines.

My question to COX TV team.  When I go to my Office DVR, and look under Recordings...I see a pulldown identified as "Recorded ON" where I see All,Family,Unnamed Device and Office..  I also see that there are 4%/11 Recordings identified too.

When I change the 'Recorded On' to All, I see all 11 files.  When I go to Family Room, I see 8 recordings.  When I go to Office, I see 2.  There is none under Unnamed.  So there are 11 under All, but only 10 under Family Room/Office.  The extra file only appears under All.

Question...When viewing the actual Office DVR, I can actually view all 11 shows, even though they are parked under 3 different device categories.  The All contains 1 extra show that is not identified under the other 2.

I cannot actually view shows physically stored in the Other true Family Room DVR.  It seems like I cannot view the second DVR from the 1st DVR, but the Scheduled shows appear on both and the device names are on both.  This situation is different that the single Host and multiple client setup that most users have....being able to watch single DVR from all client TV's

Now when I go to the other Family Room DVR, the recordings are totally different, although the Scheduled entries reflect schedules from both.  The two DVR, seem to be connected (since i only have one account), but act independently from each other when it pertains to record and view.  Recordings STILL cannot be controlled ...where a user can identify which DVR to record to.  I've recorded on one and had the file appear on the other.  The only time I can consider this happening, if there is a Time conflict to a scheduled recording...then the recording would flip to the other DVR.

So, COX, why do shows appear under All/Family/Office or could it be that my other DVR flipped a recording.

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    I'm going to do the best I can to answer this question. The Contour 2 system is a whole-home DVR system, and the Client receivers rely on the Host receiver in order to function. However, if the DVR recordings are showing separately on different receivers, then it's likely due to there being multiple host receivers in the home (as opposed to a host and a client receiver). -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Thanks KevinM2...I'm guessing that your Tech's really didn't program the Contour2 system to function with multiple DVR's.  A single host with multiple clients made the most sense.  I know that users have asked, on the forum, about completely independent single DVR's that would not talk to each other....but sadly, this subject got shut down....although the previous Contour 1 system did have an option to make the 2nd DVR 'independent.'  I read a COX help link on this.

      For me, my system mostly works....for my Office DVR, having shows recorded under locations of All, FamilyRm, Office is just a thing I was trying to understand....obviously something COX did not realize or probably didn't even care....hey, it records it so why is he complaining!!

      The fact that I cannot fully control to what DVR I really want to record a show (other than when having a record time slot conflict) is the bigger problem.  I see that the 2 DVRs know the existence of the other (when I schedule, I see entries on both devices). Also, when attempting to record from one, if a series show goes to the other DVR, it always goes there.  There must be some sort of internal link telling the system where to store the files....Ive tried to look at the Priority pull-down under Schedule...don't quite understand.

      Since I don't see other 2 DVR host users making comments, my guess is that I'm the only one asking.  I came from the old DVR setup, before the Contour updatess, where each DVR was completely independent.  Give me back a way to isolate each DVR, or at least, allow the ability to record on the specific device......

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        This feature is one that only our advanced DVR users recognized that can't be done on the new Contour platform. I will submit the feedback on the feature to our product team. In the meantime, because that feature is only on that platform of Contour. You can downgrade to the first generation Contour. As of right now, this is the only way you will be able to utilize this feature. -Crystal Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      I hate to be a 'broken record' on this subject....obviously, I'm the only one with issues on a 2DVR record setup....No one else seem to have issues?

      To the COX Tech team, who seems to have not explored all the features that have been provided.  The "Recording On" pull-down is fairly new, like this year.....I see All/Family Rm/Office, so what was the intent to have separate entries.  I see these categories under both Recorded and Scheduling.  Did you guys intend this to be useful....maybe for future function?  Why have it if it's glitzy

      Also, the Priorities, what is the actual meaning of this pull-down.  Does it actually work to prioritize multiple time-stamp schedule recordings, or is there some other hidden agenda? What happens when I delete an entry?

      I'm trying to understand and want COX Techs to expand the conversation.  I don't mind trying various set up since COX don't seem to have a testbed platform to test this configuration.

      I Know the 2 DVR talk to each other, because I see Scheduling on 2 machines.  Recorded show appear on either, and the "Recording On" does not seem to control where the show are sent.  An why does Recorded shows on a single DVR appear under different "Recording On categories?"

      Thanks for getting back..

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        @Ekhawaii. The Recording On pull down is only there to tell you what dvr box has the recording. This can be useful when managing space between multiple dvr boxes. Priorities allows the user to tell the box what recording is the most important. This forces the box to record the selected show and the box will cancel other selections to make sure it can record prioritized programs. This is useful if you are recording a lot of shows and run into recording conflicts. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.