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Recording from Contour saved movies to external DVD recorder

Service person came yesterday and removed all my ancient Cox equipment, replacing with Contour boxes. I had an external dvd recorder that was attached to the old dvr converter box. I could record movies saved on the dvr converter box to blank dvds using the external dvd recorder by putting the converter box in video 1 mode, then play them on the tv in the same mode. The external dvd cannot do that anymore with the Contour box even when put into Video 1 mode. I get sound but no picture on playback. Appears cables are connected correctly. Is the Contour box no longer able function like that?

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    What type of equipment (TV, DVD recorder, and receiver) do you have? Please list the brand and model. How is everything connected and what type of cables are you using? What ports are the cables connected?

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    Hi Stephanie,

    I have figured out the problem and the fix...yaay!. Everything is working now. Thank you for responding...all is good here in tv land. Have a great day!