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9 months ago

How to manually record

Does anyone have a suggestion or workaround?

I like to watch ESPN SportsCenter. If I record the series I get many recordings because it is broadcast multiple times each night, all under the same title. And all are coded as New so New Episodes Only doesn't help. And if I limit the number of episodes to record I get only the most recent such as 8:00am when I wanted 11:00pm.

One option would be to record the channel from 11:00pm-1:00am each night, but support tells me that such a manual recording feature isn't available. They told me to record the specific episode I want and set that every day.

Anyone come up with a better solution?

Thank you.

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    you can set series recording, then in the advanced options somewhere you can specify the station, as well as telling to record only new, and I think, only once. 

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      If ESPN SportsCenter is on multiple times per day and each one is coded as new, how would that allow OP to record only the one that is on at 11:00pm every day?

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    Wow! the 5 year old post by 'kedd'  (link 'CurtB') works great!

    I wonder what other hidden features are available?